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Monday, October 17, 2011

which bed to pick? best friend issues? ghosts in attendance?

i didn't get a chance to take the mv to the mechanic so i'll probably do it wednesday since i'm going out of town tomorrow. it's only 35 minutes away but i'm getting dental work done and going to see my ex in lockup so i'm not sure what time i'll be back home.  i'm trying to take care of everything medical and dental now so i won't have any issues when i leave next year.  one good thing about having served my country is that i have access to any va hospital or center in the country but i would rather not visit any if at all possible.

i'm trying to decide between two zone chairs from walmart. they come in pink, navy, green, and black. while i adore the pink color, it's just too bright and cheerful in such a small space. the green is cute, not as bright, and cheery as well as calming but not as bright is still bright.  i want to keep a low profile and if i open my side door for some reason, the green is going to shout "hi! look at me! i'm a bed!" so that leaves the black and navy. black is just too boring. i don't want to feel like i'm in a cavern or crypt.  that leaves the blue. it's pretty color. it won't screen "look at me" if i open the door. it's the sensible choice. problem is, i don't want to be sensible. my heart says go for the green while my head says go for the blue. what do you think?

i'm also looking at toilets and stuff but i think the bed is the most important item. i read somewhere that no matter what, you have to be able to get a good night's sleep.

on another note, i've fallen out with my bestest, yet again. i love her but this girl is about a dependable as a hurricane. i'm having outpatient surgery on friday and i asked her 3 weeks ago if she would be able to drive me home since they won't let me drive myself. she said yes. i brought it up to her last week and she reconfirmed. then yesterday she told me she would have to check her schedule to see if she was available friday. i'm like wtf?!! i said never mind, my ex-hubby would do it (he's still one of my best friends).

i'm so tired of never being able to depend on this girl. it was my fault for even asking her since i know her character. she's notorious for going back on her word if she commits to something. i just never thought she would do it to me. along with some other stuff she's pulled, i'm ready to let this friendship die a natural death. she's moving two states away next month anyway so i won't try too hard to keep in touch. it's sad because i really do love her and she does have some good qualities, just not enough to offset her negative ones. i'll hold on to the memories and love her from a distance.

that's about it for me but i do want to note one thing. on two separate occasions i've walked into my living room and the blinds over the living room window were pulled up. i didn't pull them up and there's no one else here but maku. no one has visited or anything. i'm really hoping that maku is pulling the strings somehow and raising the blinds himself, since he loves to sit in that window. if not, i don't know what's going on. i have an alarm system but it's been having a few issues lately. hopefully this will straighten itself out without me having to clock someone or call 911.

have a great night. be blessed.

status of honda odyssey

i looked at the honda odyssey yesterday and discovered i have the 7-seater, not the 6-seater,  so the middle row bucket seats don't have tabs that allow you to easily remove them.

below are some generic pictures showing the layout.

the middle row seats collapse and fold up against the front seats. the seat back can also recline until it's flush with the rear seat.

the rear seat can fold flush with the floor by dropping into the trunk area, the seat back can recline until it's parallel with the floor, and the seat back can fold forward onto the seat.

this is the trunk area behind the rear seat.

the picture above shows the the middle row seats collapsed against the front seats and the rear seat folded flush with the floor. if i was a little shorter than my awesome 5'8", this would be perfect but i'm not so it's about 4 or 5 inches to short for me to lie straight. i would have to lie at an angle with the middle seats taking up space and limiting what i could put on side of my bed. the spare tire is already imposing into the interior space. i don't want to lose even more space to the seats.  (on another note, i remember reading on a vandwelling blog where someone else moved their spare tire from the inside to either to the top or bottom of their vehicle. i'll try to find that posting later.)

another option i have is to recline one of the middle row seats until it's flush with the rear seat and then recline the rear seat until it hits the back of the rear door. that would give me enough room to lie flat and i could just put a futon chair mattress on the bed to even out the dips. i could use the the other side of the rear seat as a chair to knit, read, etc and i would be able to use some of the trunk for storage. to get to it, i would just have to fold the back of the rear seat forward.

the problem with that is the unused middle row seat would still take up much needed space, i wouldn't be able to store anything under my bed, and i wouldn't be able to use all the vertical space in the trunk because i have to recline back.

my last option, and the one i'm going with i think, is just to have someone remove the middle row seats and keep the rear seat. that way i could use storage bins as the foundation of my bed which would give me storage. i could use the right side of the rear seat for sitting, and i would have some of the trunk for additional storage. plus i would have space on the right side of my bed (assuming i place it behind the driver's seat) for maku's litter box, which is an entirely different set of concerns.

that being decided, it's off to my local mechanic to see if he can remove the seats and find out how much he's going to charge me. i'm thinking, guessing, hoping removing the seats won't be a big deal but who knows. life is seldom as simple as i want it to be.

take care and be blessed.