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I'm 39 years olds and I'm just trying to find my place in the world. I've had a few careers, owned a few businesses, and overcame a few challenges. Now, after an entire life-time of trying my hardest to be who and what I thought everybody else wanted me to be, I'm finally ready to be myself. The fun part is uncovering who that is.

Friday, October 21, 2011

I'm cold

I am so freaking cold. It's 49.3 degrees F outside and I live in an apartment with no heat. The low tonight is 38 degrees F.

Of course, I could have heat if I wanted it.  

1. I could pay the gas company the $268 I owe them from a house I once owned. It seems when I sold the house I forgot to close out all my utility accounts. At that time I was pretty traumatized from the SWAT Team raid so a little forgetfulness can be forgiven. Then once that's paid, I'll only have to pony up another $150 for a deposit and heat, oh glorious heat, would be mine.

Yeah, that's not going to happen. I have the money but the opportunity cost on that $418 is too high. Eventually I will pay the $268 because I owe it and I pay my debts; however right now that $418 represents gear for Dude, gas for trips, cool new craft supplies, new clothes as I rapidly drop in size from very big to just big, and a sense of security.

2. I could bring Maku inside, close the balcony door and just let him whine all night.

3. I could stop drinking this cold @ss diet soda, put on my footed pajamas, and get under the covers.

Of the 3 options, options 2 and 3 are for me.

Good night and be blessed.

Oh PS I am going to sleep at 10pm if it kills me. First thing in the morning, I want to go to the big farmers market 30 minutes away. Then I plan on shopping for some warm clothes that are actually flattering on me (I've outgrown almost everything I own except for some fleece pants that are to short). Finally, Charles and I are going to a friend's cookout - it's a high of 65 tomorrow so go figure.

But the point is I'm getting out the house. Before the only time I left my my apartment was to eat and run errands. The only time I had a conversation with anyone was with the waitstaff at the restaurant. Since I won't be eating there as much as I have been, I have to find other ways to connect with people. It's a little  overwhelming, but hanging with friends is another way.

Rows and Dieting

Hi world. Just for the record, I was up before 4pm today. I just haven't gotten out of bed or dressed until now (now being after I write this post).

I've decided to start using capitalization in my posts going forward. While it's just one more way for me to mess up, it is a lot easier to read a post that has it than one that doesn't. As much as I ramble, my posts need to be as easy to read as possible.

After I dress, I'm taking Dude to have his middle row seats removed. Then it's just returning stuff to Walmart and Amazon, hitting the gym, and hitting a meeting. Nothing exciting or earth shattering.

Except this. I have decided today is THE day I start my new healthy lifestyle. Since my weight can easily become my new obsession, I'm not really going to write much about it here. I'm going to start a new blog where I can go on, and on, and on to my heart's content without making people want to cut their wrists. I'll let you know the title when I do it.

That's enough for now. I have to catch the mechanic before 5pm.  Take care and be blessed.

My Town 2

My Town

Here's some pictures from my little downtown. I have it all by myself in the early hours.

sienfield moment - take 1

i can't sleep. We'll i probably could, if i wanted, but for some reason i just don't, so i'm not. which works out great for you because you get to see my am handout. isn't it lovely? and the best best part of the whole morning is the 4 drunk yuppies seated on the right hand side - the unviewable side - talking about someone's dry wedding and dropping the F bomb and dude every. other. word. plus two of them are gay and you just have to love drunk, preppie, gay guys cursing in their upper crust, drunk, southern accents . this puts Jerry to shame. shame. shame.