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I'm 39 years olds and I'm just trying to find my place in the world. I've had a few careers, owned a few businesses, and overcame a few challenges. Now, after an entire life-time of trying my hardest to be who and what I thought everybody else wanted me to be, I'm finally ready to be myself. The fun part is uncovering who that is.

Friday, October 21, 2011

I'm cold

I am so freaking cold. It's 49.3 degrees F outside and I live in an apartment with no heat. The low tonight is 38 degrees F.

Of course, I could have heat if I wanted it.  

1. I could pay the gas company the $268 I owe them from a house I once owned. It seems when I sold the house I forgot to close out all my utility accounts. At that time I was pretty traumatized from the SWAT Team raid so a little forgetfulness can be forgiven. Then once that's paid, I'll only have to pony up another $150 for a deposit and heat, oh glorious heat, would be mine.

Yeah, that's not going to happen. I have the money but the opportunity cost on that $418 is too high. Eventually I will pay the $268 because I owe it and I pay my debts; however right now that $418 represents gear for Dude, gas for trips, cool new craft supplies, new clothes as I rapidly drop in size from very big to just big, and a sense of security.

2. I could bring Maku inside, close the balcony door and just let him whine all night.

3. I could stop drinking this cold @ss diet soda, put on my footed pajamas, and get under the covers.

Of the 3 options, options 2 and 3 are for me.

Good night and be blessed.

Oh PS I am going to sleep at 10pm if it kills me. First thing in the morning, I want to go to the big farmers market 30 minutes away. Then I plan on shopping for some warm clothes that are actually flattering on me (I've outgrown almost everything I own except for some fleece pants that are to short). Finally, Charles and I are going to a friend's cookout - it's a high of 65 tomorrow so go figure.

But the point is I'm getting out the house. Before the only time I left my my apartment was to eat and run errands. The only time I had a conversation with anyone was with the waitstaff at the restaurant. Since I won't be eating there as much as I have been, I have to find other ways to connect with people. It's a little  overwhelming, but hanging with friends is another way.

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